Saturday, July 14, 2012

What's For Dinner? Panko-Crusted Chicken with Mustard Maple Sauce

Well, we waited a bit too long to go to a few of the movies we'd been wanting to see - everything's gone out of the theatre. So instead of heading to a matinee, we pretty much lounged around the house all day. I got a lot of progress made on the sock pattern I've developing (knitting), and the Man got in some quality Star Wars: The Old Republic blowing stuff up time in.

As I called him to dinner, he asked me "what pretentious name does this one have?" He pokes fun at my love of the Epicurious site, but of course he happily devours whatever I put on his plate.

I did better on protein today. Small breakfast, but strong protein at lunch and dinner. Tomorrow I need to find some new recipes for next week - looking for new flavors so we don't feel stuck in rut.

One of the primary "rules" about post-op eating is to make sure you get in the protein first at each meal. In doing so, I became full before I ate the full amount of rice and green beans that I'd put on my plate (served myself 1/3 cup rice, 3/4 cup green beans). So while my plate may look like more than what I've listed for dinner - it is in fact what I ended up consuming. (Panko got a bit toasty - but it was still tasty)

My Meals: 

  • Dannon Light & Fit raspberry yogurt
  • 2.5oz hamburger patty
  • 1/3 cup peas
  • 1 tbsp Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce
  • Sargento Light String Cheese 
 Water - 60 oz

Daily Totals: 742 calories, 29.5g fat, 52.3g carbohydrates, 22.6g sugars, 65g protein

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