Monday, February 2, 2015


Chatting with a work colleague today made me realize I hadn't updated in forever. We're still working on the house (we'll be working on the house for years), but we've almost fully completed the bathroom reno, and right before Christmas I got a little renovation too, I went in for my fluer-de-lis abdominoplasty - hello flat tummy! So here's some shots of before, during, and after on the bathroom, and an after shot of me - size 8 jeans, baby!

So we took out a nasty old toilet, and the vanity, and realized that the flooring was rotted away under the toilet, there had been an ongoing leak for years. We had to tear up two layers of linoleum, and all the sub-flooring. 

So that left this. 

Yikes, that's my basement down there! So then we had to replace the subfloor, and try and level it up.

Not fully level, nor is the room fully square - it makes things interesting. We had to of course pick a difficult tile to lay down and grout. It's not perfect, you can see one grout line that's bigger than the others because of the "not square" situation. 

But at least it's done and functional again. We need to replace the bottom row of wall tile (several were broken), and replace the bath/shower fixtures next.

Now my renovation - I had fleur-de-lis abdominplasty just before Christmas - it's basically a tummy tuck on steriods, they did from hip to hip, but also vertically from my sternum down to my groin, so they removed excess tissue from both directions, tightening horizontally and vertically. I go back for what should be my final check-in with the surgeon this afternoon, but here's a pic in my new jeans - size 8, baby! Haven't seen that since high school (2 sizes smaller than pre-op). 

Next up is painting the bedrooms and doing some wall work in the stairwells, next work on me will be arms and chest in October or so, after we get the state trust fund money back from the oil tank deal. Yay!