Tuesday, July 31, 2012

8 months post-op: update and pics

So yeah. It's been an interesting month. Exercise ups and downs, had the colonoscopy at the beginning of the month, and surgery set to hopefully finally clear the fistula that's been giving my incision such a hard time to heal on Monday the 6th. I did manage an 8 pound loss - I'd like to keep it to at least 10 a month, but with all that's gone on, that's pretty close.

My last couple photos looked a lot alike to me, and some of them will as my loss slows down as I get closer and closer to goal. So to get a bit more toward the stark reality of this, I had the Man take my photos in my work out clothes just before I did my exercise today.

Despite the sports bra, I think my boobs look droopy - and lets face it, they are. I have no idea what the plastic surgeon will end up having to work with, it feels like I've lost all regular breast tissue as well as fat - that they're just empty. I'll clearly have to get a brachioplasty on the arms too - no amount of tricep work will completely get rid of those bat wings. Hoping the toning and sculpting will help the thighs, but I could always become a complete FrankenBarbie and get it all done. Holy crap, not only are my pictures on the internet, but I'm wearing shorts and a sports bra. Hold me.

Current Loss Total Loss

And can't forget the weight totals:
Beginning weight338
Weight at surgery304
Current weight205
Total loss133


  1. Annie, great job! I am constantly impressed by how hard you have worked and are working.

    1. Thank you so much! This really makes my day :)