Monday, July 2, 2012

7 Months Post-Op: Stats and Pics

A couple days late posting, but since today is colonoscopy prep day, there won't be a "What's For Dinner?" post given I'm on clear liquids all day.

This month has been a challenge. With the ongoing Ass Incision Saga, I haven't been able to exercise, as the incision has still been draining, and exercise irritates it and makes that condition worse. On the plus side, being annoyed about not being able to exercise is a positive sign - I know I need it in my life and want to get back to it. Hopefully, the colonoscopy will reveal to some extent why I'm still having drainage, and we can get a solid plan to Get. This. Fixed.

Despite the exercise setback and a week of road-trip travel, I did lose 7 pounds this month, and a half inch here or there in my measurements. Here's the details:

Current Loss Total Loss

And can't forget the weight totals:
Beginning weight338
Weight at surgery304
Current weight213
Total loss125

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