Birds of Baux Mountain

My father is an avid bird watcher, has been since I was a very small child. He has an impressive lifetime list of birds that he's seen, that I could never hope to match. However, we have become quite popular in the area for the bird feeder we put out, and with a new camera we're able to capture some of our visitors. I'm kind of excited to figure out what kind of birds these are, and find out if there are any my father hasn't seen!

Today's visitors include:

Tentatively identified as mourning doves, the yellow-ish coloration on the belly is raising some questions among Dad's birder circles, but it may just be the lighting.


This was a male cardinal. He's so beautiful!


This little guy is a Fox Sparrow

and these two hanging out on the fence.

The left one is a tufted titmouse, and the right is a Varied Thrush - Dad calls them a "robin in a vest."

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