Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back Under the Knife

Saw the doc that did my abscess surgery today, and indeed the incision hasn't completely healed (no surprise there). He says it's a very small opening, but given how much it's still draining and the associated pain, he's scheduling me for surgery to try and locate the source fistula (fancy word for hidden pocket of infection).

His nurse was trying to get me a late slot on Thursday the 19th - with the Man's work schedule changing every week, it's difficult to plan such things, but late afternoon generally works. I'm waiting for the call with the actual appointment time - and until then, best I can do is hope it doesn't get too inflamed before then.

I guess I should be thankful I've met my annual out of pocket maximum already? Shouldn't cost me a penny (sarcasm, that was).

Fun, fun, fun.

UPDATE: Surgery scheduled for Monday, August 6 - 4 weeks away (sigh). 

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