Friday, August 10, 2012

The Amazing Spacial Properties of Salad

So we all know post-op WLS patients can't each much at one time. Our stomachs are the size of an egg, and while they expand a little bit when we eat, it's nothing on the scale of what happens in a normal stomach (or even more in what happens in an obese person's stomach).

That said, I still constantly boggle at the apparent amount of salad I can eat at one sitting. Dinner tonight was a 2.6 oz hamburger patty and 1/2 cup of left over herbed corn couscous. I'm full, I can feel it. But for lunch - I ate this:

Well - apparently I can't show you because the photo file is corrupt (really?).

But - it was 1.5 cups of romaine, half a cup of red cabbage, a carrot, 1/3 oz of slivered almonds, and 2.6 oz of left over sirloin steak dressed with Olde Cape Cod Sesame Ginger non-fat dressing. It looks huge - fills a large soup bowl.

So how can I manage that when I eat so little of anything else?

The Man and I can only come up with the idea that salad "crunches down" into a smaller volume when eaten, and other more solid foods just get pulled apart and tenderized when you chew.

It's a mystery.

My Meals

  •  Dannon Light & Fit raspberry yogurt
  • Sargento light string cheese
  • Salad composed of: 
  • 1.5 cups romaine
  • 1/2 cup red cabbage
  • 1 carrot - sliced
  • 1/3 oz slivered almonds
  • 2.6 oz top sirloin
  • 2 tbsp Olde Cape Cod Toasted Sesame Soy & Ginger Non-Fat dressing
  • 2.6 oz hamburger patty with red onions
  • 1/2 cup left over herbed corn couscous from last night
  • 1 tbsp Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce
Water - 60 oz

Daily Totals: 871 calories, 32.4g fat, 91.9g carbohydrates, 32.9g sugars, 59.2g protein

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