Friday, August 17, 2012

Bread - How You Tempt Me

Bread - I loved it. A good artisan loaf, real butter, and happiness. Pre-op, I could really put it away - room temp, warmed, french toast, you name it, I loved it. Sourdough in particular, but nearly anything - just no fruit-type inclusions (no raisins, cranberries, etc).

Post-op, bread is something I can have only in very limited quantities for a few reasons: it's generally got a high glycemic index and high in calories for it's size, so it's not the best nutritional choice for me, and bread when eaten tends to ball up and stick in your stomach - something that's not pleasant with my current stomach configuration.

But every now and again, I can have just a little bit - luckily the physical limitations I have place a real damper on any excessive cravings.

The Man, if I haven't mentioned, bakes for a regional super market chain called Harris Teeter. He rarely brings any of his product home anymore, but today he showed up with an asiago cheese filone (larger than a baguette, but not a full sized loaf), and a tub of Kerrygold irish butter. They had been sampling that at the store today, and he'd nommed on some for lunch, and decided he wanted more. Oh man. He'd sliced it at the shop into 24 little pieces - I had the very heel end and one slice. The Kerrygold butter is extra rich compared to US made butter products, and is just delicious - but I certainly didn't need much more than the lightest of spread.

The rest of the dinner was a bit lazy - the last batch of the meatballs in red wine gravy out of the freezer, a bit of penne, and for me a small salad.

My Meals

  • Dannon Light & Fit raspberry yogurt
  • Sargento Light String Cheese
  • 3 oz roast chicken breast
  • 1/4 cup smashed red potatoes
  • 1/2 cup french cut green beans
  • 2 tbsp chicken gravy
  • 1 whole carrot
  • 1 serving meatballs in red wine gravy
  • 1/4 cup Barilla Pasta Plus - penne
  • 1.5 slices asiago filone
  • 1 tsp Kerrygold butter
Water - 60 oz

Daily Totals: 816 calories, 34.8g fat, 59g carbohydrates, 16.3g sugars, 61.1g protein 

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