Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Takes and Ego Strokes

So my sort-of boss got into town today - I used to actually report to him, but with a reorganization that was done in the spring, I still do the same work, but technically I have a different manager. But we still call him "boss". Anyway, Dean was coming into town and I hadn't seen him since we met up for lunch in October when I was driving back from Rhinebeck, NY and stopped for lunch with him and a couple coworkers in Newark, DE.

He'd had a preview of what I look like now since I've sent him a few update pictures, but no one else that works in the large office complex over in Greensboro had. I hadn't seen many of these people in 2 or 3 years. Of course lots of people have come and go over that time, the line of business I worked in employs about 200 people. But plenty have been there for years and will continue to be there for years to come.

I admit I was quite tickled when I walked down the main hallways and people moving about in the half-height cube areas would stop, then lean forward or back to get a good look at me, and then shriek. Hearing "you look fabulous!" over and over never got old! Coming right on the heels of the Old Navy victory and onederland, it's been a pretty awesome week so far.

Dean, my team mate Kendra, and I all went out to lunch. I swear, I'll never learn that restaurants think a main dish salad has to be bigger than a turkey platter. This sucker was huge - and if I'd had the capacity to keep it until later in the afternoon to bring home, I could have eaten off of it for at least 3 meals, if not 4. It was an Asian chicken salad - the vinaigrette was fairly oil-heavy, so I'm going to have to count some extra calories for that - it slipped my mind to ask for it on the side.

Back at the office we spent some time catching up with the people who still work there - technically they're our "customers" now - as my group develops in-house applications that help improve their work flow. Not a lot of work got done for the afternoon, but it was very nice to have a little relief from the isolation that working from home can bring. Not that I want that 40-mile one-way commute every day again, but a single afternoon was enjoyable.

I'm trying to mix up my breakfast choices a bit - yesterday and today I had some Kashi Go Lean Crunch! cereal - something that was a bit too "heavy" a few months ago on a morning stomach, but is going over better now. I think the next box will be just the plain Go Lean! A little lighter on calories since it doesn't have nuts/clusters in it.

Oh - and a new 12-inch cast iron skillet makes a fantastic meat mallet. Really.

My Meals 

  • 3/4 cup Kashi Go Lean Crunch! Honey Almond Flax cereal
  • 1/3 cup whole milk
  • 1/3 of an Asian Chicken salad - lettuce, green onions, tomato, won-ton strips, grilled chicken - approx 3 ounces, with a sesame ginger vinaigrette

Planned Snack
  • Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt bar - raspberry
Water  - 60oz

Daily Totals: 909 calories, 34.8g fat, 92.2g carbohydrates, 35.4g sugars, 67.7g protein

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