Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Was it the Carrots?

I think one of the most difficult parts of adjusting to solid foods again is figuring out what you can and can't eat. There are general guidelines that the nutritionist gave me: no bread, pasta, be careful not to overcook meats, etc. But beyond that, every person will have a different reaction to various foods. For example, some people can't eat chicken for quite a while (if ever), while for others that's a frequent and vital part of their weekly menu.

I've done pretty well after that "reboot" of my eating a couple weeks ago - that is, until Sunday. Sunday I sat down to a small plate of 2oz of rib eye steak, and a small serving of steamed carrots. I tried to be very aware of how fast I was eating, and to chew the steak very thoroughly. Unfortunately, I only got about half-way through the steak and had just 2 bites of the carrots when trouble arose. At first I just lost some of the carrots, but I ended up losing the whole meal. I really hate vomiting (that's probably not a surprise!).

I did think back to one of the previous times I'd been sick after eating beef, and it also had been accompanied by carrots - canned, that time, but still carrots. So the Man and I decided the carrots simply may have been too fibrous or  something, and that I'd avoid them for a while. But then Monday night - eating steak again - I was again sick. So was it the carrots, or the beef, or just bad luck? It's so hard to tell.

I'm going to avoid beef for a bit as well - at least rib eye steak. Then about the only choice I have left is to very carefully reintroduce foods one at a time, so that if I have a problem with something, it should be more apparent as to which meal ingredient it was.

Because I really, really hate vomiting.

Wasn't this one a fun read?

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  1. Some post-oppers, early out have problems with vegetables. I was pretty much told that eating fibrous veggies and salads were the "gold standard," that you knew you were healing up and on your way when you can eat those without problems. Good luck with finding the things that work for you.