Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Many Unhappy Returns

I've had it - calling in to Fuzz's office tomorrow. I've had just 1 day out of 9 that I've not barfed back at least one of my solid food "meals". I'm not sure what the issue is - we've tried to focus me on softer foods that would disintegrate easier (even though I'm following the prescribed "chew each bite 30 times" as best I can. But I can eat an item one day, and then the next it immediately comes right back up - I can't figure out rhyme or reason. The only possibility I can come up with, is that I haven't yet started taking the Prevacid they prescribed to start at week 3 as a heartburn preventative. My insurance denied the original prescription for it, and I hadn't yet picked up any over the counter to start taking (and I'm at week 6 now). I'll let them know I haven't had that yet - but I'm not sure that's a contributing factor.

I got 30 minutes in on the treadmill today - which will hopefully kick the loss back in gear, but I probably only managed to keep down 400 calories - if that, which has to be working against me. We'll see what Fuzz has to say. 

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