Friday, January 6, 2012

Dehydration 1, Annie 0

Well, the dehydration finally got the best of me. After seeing the doc a week ago, where he declared me dehydrated, I just wasn't able to make up the deficit in liquid intake. I gave up yesterday when I was weak, had low blood pressure, and the Man and I both noticed a small tremor in my left arm. We called my clinic's 24 hour triage nurse line, and had to leave a message (I wasn't entirely impressed with that). But, they called me back in a reasonable amount of time, and confirmed that Fuzz did want me to come in to the hospital. So, we made our way into town and got to the clinic a little after 3pm.

I was impressed that when we arrived, they were prepared with the special IV fluids they wanted to administer and were waiting for me. I got an electric yellow (nearly Mountain Dew colored) bag of saline mixed with all sorts of electrolytes and other goodies, and then a full second bag of standard saline solution. We were there for about 2.5 hours before it was all done, but I definitely felt better as we were leaving.

I was, however, admonished that just 40oz of water really isn't sufficient, and that I need to get into the 60-80oz per day range. I'll top 40oz today, I'm nearly finished with that right this moment (at 3:30pm), but 80?! holy cow. Water intake is as limited as food intake, just a little at a time - I already feel like I'm sloshing around as I walk up and down the hallway, I can't imagine doubling what I've been drinking - but I'll do my best!

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