Monday, January 30, 2012

2 Months Down: 1 Endoscopy to Go

It's been an interesting month - back to work, struggling with dehydration, and now one more minor complication. I went back to see Fuzz Thursday afternoon - as you know I'd been having trouble with vomiting again, and was headed back into dehydration. Thursday morning topped it off with a 3-hour burp and gag session after trying to take some pretty small pills. Fuzz loaded me up again with 2 bags of IV fluids, and entered orders for an endoscopy. What they'll do is knock me out, put a camera down my esophagus and take a look at things - he believes I may be a bit "tight" after the procedure, which could be overly limiting what I was able to take in both in amount or size (technically this is called a stricture). Until then, I'm on liquids and soft foods.

I had expected to hear back from them on Friday, but I called this morning and was told that the department got the orders, but I needed to wait for them to call me to make the appointment. Annoying, but not life threatening, so I suppose I just get to wait.

I owe you pictures and stats at this point - I had the Man take pictures after we got back from the movies on Saturday (Haywire - good flick!). I look at these, and all I can think is "Damn, I have saggy tits". Odd what strikes you, isn't it?

So here they are - front and side view for 2 months post-op.

For comparisons - I've started a new page with just my photos each month.

Ugh, still not happy with this view at all. However, I can now see I've lost a bit of ass, and I can see my front flattening out. The jeans are a size smaller than last month, and probably could be even a size smaller still. I can tell I'm going to have flab arms forever - though that's something we can address with plastic surgery when the time comes (sigh). Here's the stats to go with it all:
Beginning weight: 338
Weight at surgery: 304
Current weight: 272.8
Total loss: 65.2


  1. Have you had and Endoscopy surgery and colonoscopy during the same visit? What was it like?