Monday, February 27, 2012

Non Scale Victories

While losing weight on any program, surgical or not, it's easy to get tunnel vision and focus just on the number on the scale. Many of us celebrate what is known as "non-scale victories" to keep a well-rounded view of our success. These can be as simple as fitting into a favorite old pair of jeans (see Progresso Soup ad: is there a woman I can talk to?), or running into an old acquaintance who does a double-take after not recognizing you at first.

I have several recent non-scale victories (or NSVs) to report - each of them made me happy in and of themselves, but this mini-collection all coming within a few days really was a bit of a mood boost.

1. My wedding rings were getting loose enough that I was worried they might slip off - plus the solitaire was constantly spinning around and getting in the way while I type. I took them in to the jeweler for my semi-annual cleaning and inspection, and asked if there was a temporary spacer of sorts that I could use - I'm not done losing weight yet, and I only want to get them sized once, when I'm done. The jeweler happily put on what she called a "ring guard" - it's a small straight piece of metal that fits inside the circle of the ring, it's ends bending around the outside - creating a flat "bottom" to the ring that cuts down on the amount of space in the middle. They fit perfectly now! Plus after the cleaning, they're nice and extra sparkly again :)

2. Way back in ancient history (junior high and high school), I was actually quite a decent long-distance runner. Obviously running, or even jogging, at over 300 pounds is not very practical. However, as I'm zooming in on 250, I decided to give it a try during my treadmill workouts. I have now incorporated 2 minutes of jogging at the 10 minute mark in my workouts. I feel like a lumbering water buffalo, but y'all - I'm jogging!

3. Today I decided to switch up my exercise routine a bit and instead of the treadmill I pulled out my copy of the Biggest Loser "Power Sculpt" DVD. I hadn't really done this in almost 2 years - I stopped after Baby J was placed with us, and never really took it back up. I learned three things from doing Level 1 of that video:
  • Your balance changes significantly when your body shape changes with 80 pounds of weight loss. It was nearly comical how frequently I started to get wobbly and almost fall over when doing any move that required some balance. 
  • I can actually sit cross-legged now - it's not comfortable, but I can do it. 
  • I can lace my fingers together behind my back - when  first did this video, I couldn't grasp them at all. 
4.  I ordered a new sports bra.  Those things are supposed to keep you firmly in place, so when things really start puckering and dangling during "Down Dog" - it's time for a smaller one.

So what have your recent non-scale victories been? Please share!!


  1. Yay for non-scale victories! Obviously our journeys are very different, but you know I truly grok body reshaping with my recent surgery and recovery. My recent victories: showering and washing my hair without help; this morning I climbed the stairs for the first time post-op, *and* I got a pull-over shirt (vs. the botton-downs I've needed) on without help!

  2. Nonscale victories for me:

    1. Getting off five out of six of my Rx meds;
    2. Especially my Effexor;
    3. No longer getting a flop sweat after meals;
    4. Being able to buy my bras at Sams Club (if they have them in stock);
    5. Going up and down stairs more often.