Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3 Weeks Out: Surprise Returns and Rubbery Legs

Sometimes this journey isn't pretty, and this is one of those times - if you're squeamish, you might skip the first couple paragraphs here. Saturday afternoon I had my first really nasty side effect of all this. I'd started the morning quite fine, but when it came time to have my first non-shake foods of the day, I quickly ran into trouble. I'd had a scrambled egg several times in the past week without issue - I cook them a little softer than I'd normally like, and then mush the heck out of them so I'm not trying to eat larger pieces. I took about 4 small forks worth - and immediately realized something was wrong. I felt a huge need to burp - but also had an odd twinge in my back - like I needed a good chiropractic crunch between the shoulder blades. Then, a sudden urgent need to vomit. Up came the eggs. Lovely - I hate to vomit. I'm sure it's not many people's favorite thing to do, but I'll do almost anything to avoid it, even though I know it will make me feel better in the end. Round two came quickly - but as it did, I felt the most oddly electric jolt between both temples and the base of my skull, like a nerve triangle. It nearly knocked me off my feet. It didn't stop - it was like a surging electrical overload of some-sort continuously connecting those three points on my head. I wondered quite seriously if I was having an aneurysm. I stumbled to the bedroom and called the Man at work - he got me to slow down, and suggested that I probably locked some muscles up as I vomited, and that was the pain reaction in my head. He stayed on the phone with me until I was able to relax a good bit, and then promised to call and check on me soon. He did, and I was much better - but I definitely was quite convinced even if it was just for a moment, that something awful had happened. Let's hope I don't experience that one again! I've discovered that the best time for me to get my exercise in is about 30 minutes after I finish my morning protein shake. If I wait until afternoon, I'm trapped between a mid-day pain killer dose (a decreasing dose, but still having some all the same), and being generally tired from a lack of energy. So today I took down a load of laundry to the basement, flipped on the Battlestar Galatica DVD (Season 1, Episode 3 - just getting started in my exercise watching marathon), and decided I needed to push myself a bit. I got up to 2mph, and I put in 25 minutes. Pre-op, I'd been doing an hour at 2.2mph, with a 1% incline, and was about to increase speed - so this is progress, but clearly not where I was before, but then again - it's only been 3 weeks. I finished with quite rubbery legs, but it felt good to get it done. Overall stats: Total loss: 51.8 lbs Post-op loss: 17.8 lbs

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