Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Take THAT Water Retention!

I'm either retaining fluid like a dehydrated camel, or PMS bloating or something, but the scale claims I'm up nearly 6 pounds, and my lovelies, it's not possible for me to have eaten that many calories - even with Saturday's hall pass. I have realized over the last few days that I've barely been getting 24-36 oz of water in, which is not quite half of what I should. Given the tiny caloric intake, I probably am holding on to that for dear life.

So, today I will absolutely get 64oz minimum of water - I'm 32 oz in for the day already. Plus, the Man finally hooked up the old TV and a DVD player down in the basement for me, so I can watch something besides the video I have on my iPod Touch - Battlestar Galatica exercise marathon here I come!

So.... take THAT water retention! Treadmill: 40 minutes, 2.2mph, 1% incline, 1.47 total miles - maximum heart rate 146.

Now it's time for more water - this time ON me, not in me - I stink!

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