Monday, November 5, 2012

Belated 11-month post-op stats and pics

October was a rough month. Third surgery on the fistula of doom, confirmation that the third surgery really had done nothing for it, and a promise of an MRI or other scan of the radiologist's choice to see what the fuck else is going on in there, because honestly - any future surgery on this needs to be the last.

I've been annoyed that I can't exercise during this period - doing so irritates the fistula opening making everything worse - loss this month was minimal. I know I'm getting down to my last 20-30 pounds before plastics and that it will be slower, but I think I'm rightly annoyed that so much of the last 6 months has been in the shadows of this stupid ass problem (sigh).

But, I did have the Man take some 11-month photos, since we missed the 10-month ones. I go back and forth between thinking these are awesome (look! Pretty flat below the boobs!) to horrible (oh god, look at that belly hang shoved into the front of my jeans). Blergh.


Current Loss Total Loss

And can't forget the weight totals:
Beginning weight338
Weight at surgery304
Current weight183.2
Total loss155

I need to watch my consumption carefully as I wait for final word on what we're doing next to the fistula of doom, but also the Man and I are flying to New Orleans for Thanksgiving (just the 2 of us). We have reservations at some pretty awesome dining spots, and so far at least in email the chefs/managers have been very accommodating to the idea of a small portion for me. We'll see how it works out.

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