Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Colonoscopy for the 4th

Today was finally my referral appointment with the colon guy - basically just a review of my referring doctor's report, talking with me about what my symptoms have been, and scheduling the colonoscopy.

Since the Great Ass Abscess, I've still had some discharge from the incision site - leading docs to suspect I have a fistula (internal infection that's often perforated through from the colon - frequently related to Crohn's disease). Also, during the abscess surgery the doctor saw reddened an granular looking spots on the colon walls, as well as areas that bled easily when touched, both of which can point toward a Colitis diagnosis. So, the colonoscopy is needed to diagnose or rule out those issues, and check for anything more nefarious.

Unfortunately, I have to wait 2 more weeks for it - scheduled for July 3 at 2:30pm. On the plus side, I have the 4th off, so I can take an additional day for the anesthesia to wear off. On the down side, at 2:30pm procedure means nearly 2 days without anything but clear liquids. Additionally, the prep may be difficult. They usually have people drink 64oz of Gatorade mixed with a whole bunch of Miralax - problem is, I can't have regular Gatorade because of the sugars. They do make low-calorie Gatorade G2 - which while definitely lower in calories than regular Gatorade, does still have sugars - 12g per 20oz bottle, so a 64oz bottle would be about 26g. Depending on how fast I can manage to drink it - it may have adverse effects from too much sugar.

The nurse did tell me to only drink about 3/4 of it the day before, and then instead of the normal Magnesium Citrate they have people drink the morning of (I can't - it's fizzy), she wants me to drink the remainder of the Gatorade/Miralax mixture in the morning. Fun.

I know this needs to be done, so in that sense I really want the day to get here and get it over with. I am concerned about what may be found - but I guess better to know what it is and how to treat it than have continuing unexplained issues.

One thing I'm not sure of, is if they do find a fistula if this doctor will be able to repair it, or if I'll have to have another procedure - I guess we'll find out in a couple weeks.

The further bad news of sorts - is that I started exercising again, but as I feared, it has indeed angered the incision that hasn't fully healed (since it's oozing so damned much still). I've cut back again, but I really want to get back to it - it truly is an integral part of continuing weight loss.

Not much else to report - just looking forward to getting some answers.

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