Thursday, May 31, 2012

6 months post-op: pics and stats

So only 2 days late this time, but here it is. I had my 6-month post-op appointment with Dr. Fuzz today, he was pleased with my progress, and of course stressed additional water for the constipation issues and if necessary, miralax. Joy.

I also asked him about the possibility of working with the reproductive endocrinologist (RE) to head down the road to IVF - it would take a minimum of 5-6 months, since my Depo won't wear off until the end of July, and if we use a donor for eggs (which is highly likely) - that process takes 3-4 months once a match is made. When I started the program, he said that as I reached goal we'd talk about doing so early - so I brought it up, and boy did I get shut down quickly. He said the American Academy of OB/GYNs says a minimum of 18 months from bypass to pregnancy is recommended, and he really wants me solidly in goal range. I understand why - but I just turned 46 - waiting 6 to12 more months will have me delivering late in my 47th year, and I just started wondering why I still hold out hope. The Man says we'll take it step by step, and let the RE evaluate our chances when the time comes, and make the decision then - I just hate the limbo, it's so hard emotionally.

Moving on - here's the photos and stats. I still hate my arms, and the girls need to come up another couple inches, but meh.

Current Loss Total Loss

And can't forget the weight totals:
Beginning weight338
Weight at surgery304
Current weight220
Total loss118

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