Thursday, March 29, 2012

4 months Post-Op: Pics and Stats

 Today marks 4 months since my surgery. I definitely feel smaller - though looking at the pictures, I still tend to focus on the bits that make me feel uncomfortable - the droopy boobs, the belly hang (though it is smaller), and the horrible back of the arm fat. But - I'm also over half-way to my surgeon's goal for me, and just a couple pounds away from half way to my personal goal. Here's this month's pictures (definitely smaller clothes - the pants are size 18, and the top is a 1x and even these are looking a tad droopy).

I have lost some additional inches - it's funny to see what part of the body lets go of stuff one month vs. the other.

Current Loss Total Loss

Oh! And completely forgot the weight totals:
Beginning weight338
Weight at surgery304
Current weight245.8
Total loss92.2

Next month I'll definitely hit the triple digit mark - won't that be awesome!

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  1. You're looking great, Annie. I can definitely see the difference!